3 Common, Yet Simple, Reasons Your Washing Machine Is Leaking


Laundry is a chore many people despise, but the invention of a washing machine and dryer have made this important task a bit easier. Unfortunately, issues with your washing machine may arise at some point in time, especially since they are used so much. If you notice water leaking around your washing machine, you may think it is time to replace this innovative appliance. However, that is not necessarily true. Many of the reasons your washer is leaking will only require simple repairs.

5 December 2018

Think Twice Before Storing A Chest Freezer Outside


A chest freezer is one of the best ways to store a large amount of food. By using a chest freezer, you'll be able to much more easily avoid trips to the grocery store. However, they can be rather big and you might find it inconvenient to store it inside. The question is whether you're able to store a chest freezer outside instead.  Why the Convenience Might Not Be Worth It

12 September 2018

An Appliance Guide To Start With


There are a lot of small things you can do to your appliances, or things that you can avoid doing to them, that can help them to stay in good shape longer. Some things you can do can even help to cut down on the monthly utility bills you incur. Here is a guide to dealing with your appliances: Wash full loads of laundry – Even though your washing machine has settings that allow you to set the water level for small loads of laundry, doing frequent smaller loads will have your washer working more and more often than if you held off and used it less for larger loads.

2 May 2018