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3 Common, Yet Simple, Reasons Your Washing Machine Is Leaking


Laundry is a chore many people despise, but the invention of a washing machine and dryer have made this important task a bit easier. Unfortunately, issues with your washing machine may arise at some point in time, especially since they are used so much. If you notice water leaking around your washing machine, you may think it is time to replace this innovative appliance. However, that is not necessarily true. Many of the reasons your washer is leaking will only require simple repairs. Here are a few common, yet simple, reasons your washer is leaking water.

Loose Connection

First and foremost, you should check the back of the appliance for signs of moisture. In the majority of cases, water leaking from the back side of the washer will stem from a loose connection, which is a simple fix.

Make sure the water line from the wall to your washer is securely attached at both ends. If necessary, you may need to replace the hose if there are any signs of fraying or if the end connections are rusty and worn.

Remember that it only takes a small amount of moisture to cause big damage to your home. A small amount of water leaking from a loose connection can damage the walls and floors around the washing machine. In addition, the moisture can build up over time, increasing the risk of dangerous mold growth.

Unstable Footings

Another common reason your washing machine may be leaking is if the footings are unstable. If the feet on the bottom of the washer are not level and in good condition, the washer may move around during a normal wash cycle.

If the washer is moving, the interior tub of your washer will also move, causing water to slosh around, eventually spilling out onto the floor.

Again, adjusting the footings of your washer is simple. Make sure to disconnect the water line and electrical cord before turning the washer onto its side to see the bottom. Use help if needed, since the appliance is heavy. Then, adjust the footings so they are all level. If necessary, you may need to replace the footings if they are broken.

Worn Door Seal

Finally, your washer may be leaking water if the door seal is loose, worn, or completely missing. This is most common in front-loading washers, since the water can easily drip out onto the floor if the door is not completely closed and sealed.

Replacing the door seal is an inexpensive and simple fix that can save you from costly water damage repairs. Contact a company, like D-3/A-OK Appliance Service Inc., for more assistance.


5 December 2018