You Should Know About These Common Refrigerator Repair Problems


Your refrigerator is likely the most important appliance in your home. If your washer or dryer goes out, you can take your laundry somewhere else to wash it, or even do it by hand. If your stove is out, you can bake or microwave meals. When the oven is out, use the stove. If the water heater is out, then you can temporarily live with cold showers, or heat water to add to the tub.

28 September 2022

Electric Oven Heating Elements: Tips For Dealing With Repairs


If you have an electric stove and oven, you might find at some point that you need an appliance repair technician to address a malfunctioning component. One of the most common reasons for appliance repair with an electric range is a malfunctioning heating element in the oven. For those who have never dealt with oven heating element issues, it's important to be able to recognize the signs. Here's a look at some of the key indications that your electric range needs a new heating element in the oven, and what can be done about it.

29 June 2022

Stopping A Refrigerator Leak From Occurring


If you recently noticed water pooling up on the floor underneath or near your refrigerator, you are most certainly concerned about finding the source of a leak. Failing to make repairs when a leak is involved can lead to the damage of flooring and the loss of food. Here are some of the main areas where refrigerator leaks occur to help you decide whether the presence of water means a quick fix or a call to a service that handles appliance repairs.

14 February 2022