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Is Your Elderly Mother's Washing Machine On The Fritz? 3 Things To Do Before You Call For Repair


Your mother runs her laundry room like a professional cleaning company, yet even the best cared for appliances can still run into problems. While you may not know much about washing machines, she has called on you to check to see if anything can be done to get her laundry room back in working order. Since a broken washing machine can lead to serious issues such as house fires and water damage, it is worth doing what you can to get the situation under control. As you check over her washer, follow these steps to find out whether or not it requires a professional appliance repair:

Check All of the Controls

It sounds obvious, but many people falsely believe that their washing machine is broken when they have simply forgotten to flip a switch. Spend a few minutes making sure that the washing machine has power, and that the appropriate controls have been set. If everything looks fine, then there may truly be an issue with your mom's washing machine.

Inspect the Washer for Obvious Broken Parts

The next step is to carefully inspect the washing machine for obvious broken parts. For instance, you may notice that the machine makes a strange rattling or squealing sound when it operates. Loud noises combined with a drum that does not turn or a failure to properly agitate the clothing could indicate that a part has broken or come loose. In this case, a professional technician can replace the broken part so that the washing machine works again.

Gather Information to Tell the Repair Company

It is always helpful to be able to provide as much information as possible to the appliance repair company when you call. For instance, knowing the brand of your mom's appliance along with the model type helps them identify potential parts to bring that could repair the problem on the first visit. You will also want to make sure to inform them about anything that you observed such as water leaking from a certain area or an odd noise since that can aid in their inspection.

There is no denying that fresh laundry really does make life better, and you want your mom to be able to complete her daily routine without having to deal with a broken washing machine. Although you might not know how to fix it yourself, you can arrange for her to get the right help by checking out the situation and informing the repair tech of anything that could help them to fix the washing machine faster.

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7 September 2017