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4 Vital Maintenance Requirements For Your Commercial Refrigerator


If you are in the food manufacturing or hospitality industry, a commercial refrigerator is among the appliances you need to run it more efficiently. Even if you just run a small supermarket, cafeteria, convenience store, food store, restaurant, or grocery store, you need a refrigeration unit to help you store perishable products in good condition for a longer period, avoiding wastage. However, you must prioritize proper maintenance for it to work optimally. Here are three great maintenance tips for you.

Keep Your Refrigeration Unit Clean

Your commercial refrigerator's exterior and interior parts should always be clean to avoid problems. You should clean your refrigeration unit weekly or biweekly, and you should always follow the manufacturer's instructions. Remove the items and place them in another cooler or freezer temporarily. Then use warm water and soap to clean the shelves or even a soft brush to scrub them. You could also use a vinegar solution to sterilize the unit or even use a baking soda paste to remove baked-on food or grease. Where possible, avoid using chlorine cleaners, abrasive scrubbers, and hard water because they could cause damage.

Check the Door Gaskets

Door gaskets are an indispensable part of a commercial refrigeration unit. However, they could be problematic when cracked or split. As a result, the cool air inside the fridge exits through the cracked gaskets, making the refrigeration unit less reliable. For this reason, check the gaskets more regularly and contact a technician to replace them when broken. Also, check whether dirt or grease has accumulated on the gaskets and clean them to enhance efficiency.

Check If the Air Filters Should Be Replaced

Air filters are among the vital components the refrigeration unit needs to work efficiently. However, they may sometimes be clogged with oil buildup and debris. When this happens, the refrigerator fails to perform optimally due to poor ventilation. A power vacuum can help suck up dirt, debris, and other unwanted particles. You could also use a degreasing solution to clean or remove the unwanted particles from the air filters. But if they are extensively damaged, you should contact a refrigerator repair service to replace them.

Follow the Manufacturer's Maintenance Guidelines

Read the manufacturer's manual booklet to understand the refrigerator's maintenance requirements or what regular maintenance entails. It also outlines what you can handle and what you should leave to a refrigeration maintenance expert. The expert can spot potential issues when servicing your refrigeration unit and fix them before they aggravate and become too expensive to fix. So don't overlook maintenance schedules because they help you save more money in the long run.

For more information about refrigerator maintenance, contact a local company.


18 April 2023