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Take Advantage Of The Off-Season To Upgrade Your Home Air Conditioning


How long has the heating and cooling system been working to maintain a comfortable home? Older systems, although working, consume more energy and do require more maintenance and repair. If you're considering upgrading your home air conditioning system, now could be the best time to do it. Here's why.

Supply Chain Issues

Supply chain issues have been plaguing every industry across the states. Unfortunately, there's little that can be done about it from the consumer's standpoint. The only thing you can do is to plan for the delay in whatever you're ordering.

Supply chain issues can delay a shipment for as little as a couple of days, to several months. So, to ensure the unit arrives in time for installation before the summer heat sets in, get ahead of the rush and work with an air conditioning professional to get a plan in place for the project. They will get the parts and supplies ordered and do their best to schedule your installation around the estimated date of delivery.


The off-season can bring great discounts when it comes to HVAC improvements. These discounts could include close-out pricing for the previous year's models or just promotions the companies are offering to increase sales during the low-sales portion of the year.

Immediate Energy Savings

The savings that you'll experience after the new system is installed are immediate. This is especially true for those who are updating from a very old system to one of the newer models. The newer systems are designed with an intense amount of thought going into energy savings. During the first month of use, you'll see a drop in your utility cost.

Note: Check with your HVAC specialist about any Energy Savings Grants that may be available in your area. If they don't know of any, take a minute and search online. Some utility companies offer vouchers or discounts on the upcoming utility bill when an outdated appliance is replaced with an Energy Efficient model.

More Availability

You may be able to find setting an appointment with the professional a little easier during the off-season. Don't wait for extreme winter weather or hot summer heat to kick in. When the systems are overworked, they fail. That's when the service techs are their busiest.

Talk to your local air conditioning professional to learn more about using this time to get a head start on cooling your home more efficiently during the upcoming summer.

Reach out to an HVAC contractor to learn more about residential air conditioning installation.


10 January 2023