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2 Garbage Disposal Issues and How You Can Repair Them


The garbage disposal located in your kitchen may get a lot of usage during its lifetime. Imagine what all goes into this disposal, then imagine how many issues it could possibly have after enduring so much. If you do end up with an issue, you may wonder how you will repair it. Read on for a few of the more common issues and what you can do to repair them.

1. No Power to Your Disposal

If you turn on the switch to the disposal and it isn't running at all, it could be a number of things. First, check that there is power to the switch by using a multimeter, and by also checking that a fuse wasn't blown. If there isn't a fuse issue, and you have power at the switch, then the issue could be the wiring to the disposal or the power cord if it isn't hard wired to a switch.

Check that there isn't an issue with the wiring, such as it's melted or appears chewed. If you have power and the wiring seems fine, it may be an issue with the motor. If you're comfortable with it, you can take apart your disposal after making sure the power is turned off completely to the disposal, then open up the disposal to check the motor. Be sure nothing is blocking the blades inside the disposal and that the motor appears in good working condition. If you aren't comfortable beyond this point, hire a professional repairman to inspect and repair the motor for you.

2. The Disposal Simply Hums

If you turn on the disposal and it just hums but it isn't chopping up any food particles, it could be that you have something stuck inside the disposal. Turn off the power to the disposal, then look inside to see if there is anything stuck that you can see. If you see nothing, open it up from beneath your sink and pull out whatever is stuck inside. If you put something in it that is too hard, you may hear it moving around, but if it's too hard and too large, the blades may not be able to move at all, which will lead to just a humming noise. Be sure you aren't putting bones, corn cobs, metal, or anything else that doesn't belong in a disposal to prevent this issue. You could burn out your disposal motor.

Your garbage disposal can be a big help in the kitchen. If you're having issues with your disposal, hire a garbage disposal repair service to get this small appliance working properly again.


1 September 2020